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Visit for information pertaining to the standards of privacy for identifiable health information according to the US Department of Health and Human Services Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

Media Policy:

Your privacy can never be guaranteed when you are communicating via email, text, instant messaging, social media, Skype, FaceTime, landline phone, cell phone, facsimile, or the US Postal Service. If you choose to communicate with me via any of these options, you are agreeing to not hold me liable for any breech of your confidentiality as a result of communication or sharing of data electronically or otherwise.

I minimize your risk by not sharing your personal health information without your permission. I keep my phone and computer password protected and I do not store your health record on any cloud or server. When communicating with you via text or email I keep the messages brief. My contact with you will generally be about appointment reminders, referral information, billing information or replies to the questions you have sent me.

When visiting my office I recommend that you keep your cell phone and other electronic devices turned off. This minimizes the risk of you “butt dialing” a contact while sharing personal information during your session. It also minimizes the risk of your location status being tracked via GPS.