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-Individual Psychotherapy
-Couples Counseling
-Group Therapy
-Sex Therapy
-Personal Development Coaching
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My Areas of Specialization and Interest:  

I have experience in the treatment of depression, anxiety disorders, addictions, sexual problems, relationship problems, emotional trauma and general life stressors. I offer personal development coaching on a variety of subjects for individuals who do not meet medical necessity criteria for a mental disorder but who desire to make changes in their behavior, thought processes, or personal relationships with others.

Individual or Couple Consultation

Each new treatment relationship begins with an initial consultation. During the consultation I will collect personal information regarding your history and reasons for seeking treatment. I will make an initial recommendation for treatment based on information collected during the consultation.

Most consultations are completed in 60-90 minutes, though relevant information will be collected on an ongoing basis throughout the course of treatment. Consultations are billed at the hourly rate of service.

Individual Psychotherapy  

Psychotherapy is the generic term for various interventions intended to help the client change emotional or behavioral patterns that are interfering with their quality of life. There are multiple techniques the therapist may employ to assist the client with the change process.

Psychotherapists come from a variety of disciplines and schools of thought. Psychotherapists possess a master or doctorate degree in a behavioral health field such as psychology, social work, or nursing. They must be licensed to practice independently in the state of Tennessee . They may also practice without a license in a supervised system of care, such as a hospital or mental health clinic, under the direct supervision of a preceptor who is licensed within the same discipline.

I have a master's degree in social work and a doctor of philosopy degree in clinical sexology. I have been licensed in Tennessee since 1988.

Couples Counseling  

Couples counseling is appropriate for any couple desiring to improve the quality of their relationship. Couples come to counseling for various reasons, usually when they have identified a problem in the relationship that they have not successfully resolved on their own. Couples who seek counseling do so out of a desire to improve, enhance, or save their relationship.

During counseling, couples are seen together on a regular basis until the couple and therapist determine that they have achieved maximum benefit from the counseling experience. Some couples may return to counseling periodically throughout the course of their relationship if other issues arise which need to be addressed. Couples counseling is most beneficial when desired by both parties in the relationship.

Group Therapy  

Group therapy can be done with individuals or couples. It is useful to link together individuals or couples who have similar issues and allow them to work together with a therapist to achieve common goals. Participants learn from each other as well as the therapist. The group setting facilitates additional support and provides an arena for participants to practice new interpersonal skills.

Sex Therapy  

Sex therapy can be beneficial to individuals or couples desiring to resolve concerns of a sexual nature. No issue of human sexuality is off limits for discussion or exploration. Sex therapy is a form of psychotherapy that can be provided in an individual, couple, or group setting.

Sex therapy does not require any sexual contact between client and therapist or clients within a group. Sex therapy never requires clients to remove clothing, touch, or be touched in a sexual way. However, couples seeking sex therapy together may be given assignments to work on in the privacy of their home. No client will ever be expected by the therapist to submit to any sexual act against his or her will, even within the parameters of a marital relationship.

Within the field of mental health it is always a violation of professional ethics to engage in sexual behavior with a client.


Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a method of psychotherapy developed in the late 1980's. It is recommended as an effective treatment of trauma by the American Psychiatric Association. It is one of the preferred treatments for trauma approved by the American Department of Veterans Affairs and the Department of Defense. While EMDR is most known for treating trauma, is is also beneficial in the treatment of anxiety, complicated grief, obsessions, minor compulsions, some pain disorders and other psychological issues where the individual has become emotionally or mentally blocked in their ability to adapt and cope.


Hypnosis is a natural state that each individual has the ability to achieve. In this state of heightened relaxation, the mind is better able to accept the possibilities of change. The individual discovers the power of his or her thoughts and learns ways to modify those thoughts to change unwanted behavior. Hypnosis is beneficial for treating anxiety, phobias, addictions, and other habits or beliefs, conscious or unconscious, which may create a barrier to change.

Personal Development Coaching

Personal development coaching, also referred to as life coaching, is beneficial for individuals who desire specific modification or improvement to current life skills. The coach can help the client achieve specific desired goals by offering instruction and guidance toward the desired outcome. There are unlimited reasons for seeking a coach, but many common reasons pertain to decisions about education, career, relationships, finances, personal image, and health.

Professional Supervision  

I can provide professional supervision to other master level social workers who are seeking licensure status within the state of Tennessee . Supervision can be provided at my office or on site at the social worker's place of employment.

Professional Speaker/Educator

I enjoy speaking opportunities as well as teaching courses related to addictions, mental health, sexuality, and relationships. Below are a few of the organizations where I have had the privilege to deliver presentations or professional workshops.

The National Association of Social Workers, Tennessee

The Tennessee Association of Drug Court Professionals

Skyline Medical Center, Madison

Music City Romance Writers

The Nashville Senior Services Network

The Nashville Psychotherapy Institute

Family and Children's Services

Parthenon Pavilion Hospital at Centennial Medical Center

The Journey Together Conference

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